general management

When working with the team at Ferraro Wealth, you will have all of your financial affairs handled consistently with a big picture approach. We'll communicate with the professionals in your life and make certain that everyone is working towards the same goals. We do this so that you can focus on your demanding career. Allow us to simplify your life and help you stay in control.

Financial planning

The team at Ferraro Wealth has been building comprehensive financial plans for over two decades. Each financial plan utilizes different strategies depending on your personal and financial situation. Our Wealth Management Process allows Ferraro Wealth to model your situation in software allowing changes as necessary to account for unexpected life events. This could be changing family dynamics or evolving needs & goals.

Wealth management

We aim to help achieve your goals without taking excessive risk. Using our in-house Private Investment Counseling division, Ferraro Wealth will take an objective look at your investment situation and always be transparent about the advice, execution and fees associated with your unique situation. As an added level of commitment, all of us invest our money alongside you. Your success is ours.


Tax planning demands attention to detail and forward thinking. Working with experienced US and Canadian tax professionals, Ferraro Wealth helps identify ways to maximize your tax strategy to ensure the best possible outcome. Tax strategies include your current situation all the way to your future estate planning needs. Whether you work exclusively in Canada, the US, or beyond, you need to know that the job is being done right.


Regardless of job, everyone faces risks of disability and death. Ferraro Wealth will build an insurance plan within your overall financial plan, making sure it fits with your goals and objectives.