Group Benefits

Unlike most group benefit plans, we have access to “pool rated” plans, meaning your cost is pooled with thousands of others. This gives you stable and predictable costs. These plans are suitable for sole proprietors or smaller groups.

small groups

1 - 30 employees

Medium to large groups

30+ employees

Some companies have enough employees to mitigate the risk of catastrophic events that face smaller groups. We contract with carriers to provide larger companies with sophisticated choices that suit their needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my company offer group benefits?

Yes! A business of any size can offer Group Benefits to its staff using our solutions.

What if we grow / shrink?

Through consistent communication we evaluate your needs and potential shift in strategy. We can offer guidance on when it may be time to switch providers or plan construction.

How many employees do we need?

From 1 to 100+ employees, we have you covered with several different options.

What can a plan include?

Plans can include the following:

  • Life insurance

  • Long and short term disability

  • Travel coverage

  • Extended health​​

    • Massage, chiropractic, etc.​

  • Dental

  • Pay direct cards

  • Mobile and online claim submission

  • On site training

  • and more!